Samss Refacer & the MRT brand, combined with over 120 years of combined experience, has been focused on providing field based, portable lathe refacing tools to the oil & gas industry. Our Patented double-shoulder refacer will cut a connection to length specification to within .0005” or better and have a superior surface finish that exceeds API Spec 7-2 requirements. Utilizing our Solid Works™ design platform, partnered with very tight tolerances, we can assure that the connection face and torque stop is cut perpendicular to the axis of the threads.

Our tools inherent design characteristics provide a centralized engagement system that moves the cutters forward mechanically at a very low RPM, eliminating any irregularities from side loading that competitor designs are known for while maintaining an exact cut identical to the last, over & over. MRT is also the only system on the market that can lathe cut the sealing face, torque stop, inside bevel and outside bevel in a single cut. There is no need for any secondary repairs to bevels or adjustment to the torque stop needed. Our refacing tools do it all and exactly the same cut after cut.

Inferior competitor tool designs utilize high RPM & abrasives along with using body motion to provide the forward force needed for the abrasive to engage the sealing surface. this can lead to the seal face not being cut perpendicular to the axis of the threads due to side loading by the operator. This inferior method can lead to down-hole tool failure caused by inadequate load to the sealing face. Furthermore, our system employs carbide inserts to provide an accurate lathe cut that will repeat each and every cut. Competitor tooling utilizing abrasives produce a poor-quality finish and non-repeating results from connection to connection.

Our Credibility

Samss Mobile Reconditioning Technology™ is being used all over the world from USA, Canada, Russia to the Middle East. Our clients demand a product that can perform to accurate and repeatable standards and we are happy to provide exactly this. We assure each client has had the proper training to perform a refacing operation and understand the manufactures procedures and any other relevant industry standard.

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