We offer a variety of double shoulder refacing & API products that cover the most common connections being utilized today. Many of our refacing tools are compatible with different drill pipe manufacturers. We can also custom-built systems for virtually any rotary-shouldered connection on the market utilizing our patented design. Let us partner in executing quality and accuracy while reducing operational costs.


Our most popular portable lathe refacing tools.

eXtreme™ Torque (XT™) Connection

  • XT-38, XT-39, XT-40, XT-43, XT-46, XT-50,  XT-54, XT-55, and XT-57

uLtimate™ XT™ Connection

  • UXT38, UXT39, UXT40, UXT43, UXT46, UXT50, UXT54, UXT55, and UXT57

Grant Prideco Double Shoulder™ (GPDS™) Connection

  • GPDS38, GPDS40, GPDS42, GPDS46, GPDS50, and GPDS55

uLtimate™ GPDS™ Connection

  • UGPDS38, UGPDS40, UGPDS42, UGPDS50, and UGPDS55

HI-TORQUE™ (HT™) Connection


  • HT 38 and HT 55-375

Delta™ Connection

  • DELTA 391, DELTA 425, DELTA 471, DELTA 494, DELTA 527, DELTA 544, and DELTA 576.

CET™ Connection

  • CET 39, CET 40, CET 43, CET 50, and  CET 54

CDS™ Connection

  • CDS 38, CDS 40, CDS 46, CDS, and 50, 5 1/2FH CDS

DP Master


Grant Prideco

  • VX™, Grant Prideco Express™, EIS™, XF™, X-Force™, GP CDS™, and Grant Prideco CDS™

Texas Steel Conversion

  • PTECH+™ and TSDS™

Turbo Torque 

  • TT525 and TT575

If you do not find the tool you want, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can manufacture just about anything that will conform to your Drill Pipe Manufactures Connections indicated below and more.