MRT & Chick’s Custom Carbide brings together superior manufacturing and the art of carbide in a single source for a variety of durable milling tools used in open hole / cased hole fishing to Thru Tubing applications. MRT & Chick’s Custom Carbide also offers custom-built mills for your specific application needs that you can count on for your projects.


Thru-Tubing Mills

Thru-Tubing Mills are used on a variety of operations, offering an affordable solution to your specific needs. We can design and manufacture to suit your specific needs.

  • Plug milling
  • Scale & cement milling
  • Reaming
  • Fish dressing
  • Clean out
  • Debris removal



 Crushed carbide  • Carbide Inserts  • Diamond impregnated • PDC cutters

Junk Mills

Junk Mills are manufactured with inserts or crushed carbide for removing the stuck pipe, tubing, bridge plugs, packers, and cement or other debris obstructing the well-bore.


  • Concave, convex, and flat-bottom designs available.
  • Typically dressed with crushed carbide for milling up loose junk, optional inserts can be used.
  • Various lengths of fishing necks, stabilizers, and combination stabilizer-fishing necks available.
  • It can be ordered in any length and OD to meet your job requirements.



Taper Mills

We offer a full line of taper mills to open up restrictions and custom design for any application-specific need.



We can also manufacture a wide variety of application-specific tools from Insert Mills, Washover Shoes, to Econo-Mills. Let MRT™ be your source for high-quality manufacturing and custom carbide work.

  • AR Mill
  • Bow Tie Mill
  • Piranha Mill
  • Reverse Clutch Mill
  • Spur Mill
  • Bi-Center Mills