Many of our competitors utilize sand paper or other abrasive material to dress both the sealing face and torque stop. This system can be ineffective when it comes to maintaining accuracy of the tight tolerance that Grant Prideco and other leading manufactures have established. This method has no guarantee that the sand paper is of the same thickness nor that it will wear uniformly. There are also known issues of potential side loading and therefore can’t be assured it is square with the axis of the threads.

Another method utilizes carbide inserts with a cone system to engage into the connection. This system has two fundamental problems. The first being that it uses high speed rotation for the cutters to remove material and carbide inserts do not hold up to excessive heat caused from friction. This can cause a domed effect on the seal face caused by “Burn in”. The second is the cone apparatus that simply is not square with the axis of the threads.

Our system was designed around these inherent problems. We made it simple, easy to use and assured that known issues from other forms of refacing have been eliminated. We accomplish this by a field proven proprietary system that threads into the connection to assure you are engaged square with the axis of the threads. Provide a slow speed and feed method utilizing a lubrication system to keep inserts cool and remove cuttings away from the cut. Each unit is quality checked to assure accuracy within .0005.

Our Credibility

Samss Mobile Reconditioning Technology© is used all over the industry by the leading Inspection companies. Servicing a broad range of Oil and Gas clients like Hess, Continental Resources, EOG and Anadarko to name a few. It has been our mission to provide reliable, easy to use, portable refacing system that assures machine cut quality in the field to reduce operator costs.